Monday, June 18, 2007

mArvELs oF tHe miND


Laura a Bionic female. they implanted chips in her brain that control muscle movement for her. i kid thee not. go ahead, look it up.
well we've reached. we have finally reached the stage which was depicted in cartoons when i was 11. u know the half person half robot cartoons.

Now going at this rate, what I'm really looking forward to is the realization of the tranformers cartoons. u rem them. the ones where 5 cars wud join to make a gigantic killer robot.

i mean there were these chumps. and then some other chumps. but they had these reeeeaaaaaaalll snazzy cars. and THEY JOINED !!! to MAKE A ROBOT !! fired missiles and all.

aaaaahh those gud old days of stupid gullbility. when all this was not only possible, we actually looked out for them in the real world.
ok ok only I did. is it such a crime to love them so much ??? is it? is it ???

but now that we have a bionic female. just makes u wonder what else we can do with it u know.
blind ppl , paralysed, ppl with mental health issues, amnesiac. all of them can get chips that suppress , simulate, stimulate parts of the brain.
take it a step further criminals ? psychotic ? schizos ? addicts ??? liars ? ppl who giggle too much ?? can stupidity be cured ??? terrorists ? can genius be simulated one day ? well why not ?

interesting huh ? u know how they did the operation. she had to be awake. and then they had to listen to the static of the electronics equip while they pushed the pieces in place and she responded to questions to show she was allright. when they heard the sound that indicated it was in the right position they stopped and tested her. can u imagine that ?????
how the heck did they even know what the right sound was ???

years and years of research !!! totally awesome !!!

ok ok u want to read the actual thing , well go ahead

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