Monday, June 18, 2007

nEveR neVEr LaND

ok the previous post caused a small riot. (ofcourse it did. in never never land. who's talkin bout this country/planet/universe/dimension ??? )
so I have to write something to calm the teeming masses.

CALM DOWN will ya.
there that shud take care of it.

now back to business. thanks to my penchant for long sentences, purple purses and potato chips, my life right now is not exactly where i want it to be.

where i want to be right now is in Disney land. Hey ! its summer. where else would i want to be?
but I'm not. obv this is not gud and we dont have to be rocket scientists to realize that becoz we all know 2+2=5 .... oops 4.

what ? ur surprised the random sentences make no sense?

do u not know me?? oh u must be new.

i shall explain. kindly go thru prev posts. u shall realize that any attempt to make any coherent sense out of these rambles which are as gentle as a cool breeze on any warm spring sea side park are as futile as me trying to get a degree in trapeze acrobatics.
u obviously need to meet me to understand the impossibility of me ever learning trapeze acrobatics. obviously.

oh tosh. don't get in a huff. i'll give u something sensible just to make u feel better u haven't wasted all of your time.
the dollar rate is going down.

thats it. Hey if u want to know more, go read the news. der's a lot of it. am not particularly inclined to spell it out for u here...

what ?
oh yeah ? the same to you too Sir. hmmmph.

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