Monday, January 29, 2007

FUBAR .. the true state of affairs

to be 'fucked up beyond all recognition' :-|

i think this word pretty much sums up every possible situation on the planet, is the only word we will ever need to have deep meaningful conversations and to be understood by our fellow human beings ...its even good for small talk ..

how r u ?

hows the weather down there ?

hows your health ?

hows your wife ?

why are u looking so happy ?

does god exist ?

so u see, this one word covers everything we would ever possibly want to say .. and soon i think we will alldescend to the trues communication of all ..
2 ppl talking ?

fubar ?

fubar .... and so it continues.. they are of course discussing yesterdays football match ..

oh u ask why i'm in such a cheerful mood ?? well i just realized my bid to run away from coding .. my efforts to avoid it ... so much of wat i tried .. if i had put half that effort in actually learning something , i wudnt be today where i am .. stuck with coding in vc++ for image processing ...
which of course is nothing but 'fubar' ....

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