Friday, February 9, 2007

party tomoro

I think I need a break. its been a long while , and no good party
well i have a couple of things , to celebrate .. my first A , keeping that advantage is important.

then my job. need to work real hard. also, then the interview went real well.
and then some confidence atleast. need to get better shoes !

oh man , thats something I'll never forget ! walking from UC to CIC with just my suit!!
it was freezing, and i swear that , I think i got a bit of hyper thermia there ....
f** in cold this yr , and this was supposed to be a mild winter !

oh jeez ... well anyways...
it has been a good week. promises to get better (or worse?) right now i just cant tell :-/

i feel good bout this. but am i technical enuf ? can i be???
well everything hinges on that, now doesn't it?
only time will tell.

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