Saturday, January 20, 2007

Snow White .. its a fairy tale all over ...

Wow , it must have snowed esp hard last night. everything is just an amazing layer of white ..

but i just dont feel like going out .. man , am a lazy bug !! nothing better than , staying with an open book , listen to songs and be connected to the world. just a computer makes such a diff !
dont feel so bad anymore .. how diff is it ? if ur in ur room at both places ???

i know i know , am not spending a fortune to sit an bask in my room!!
but seriously i hope i get paid for my work !!

i wudnt mind working all hours , hey i can do 20 , esp if the management doesnt take that long ..
but i wud prefer to be a RA. so that i cud do something over summer..

my heart sings again , for there is hope and that is always so in the besginning. hey if she can build a robot. i can write some code can't i ?? and how long can i run away from that ????

i guess its time i got used to it ..sigh. let me read up on some dsp !!

it really is lovely outside . go ahead look out ur window !

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