Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Toilet Training at 25

statuary warning : some ppl may find this topic slightly revolting. don't even try blaming me if you barf ..

Its completely unnerving when u have to learn new tricks at 25. hey, u spend the first quarter of your life with water , and i'm telling you, it aint funny, when suddenly all u got is paper !

the first time , after you land, you just dont want to think bout it, u know.. mebe u wont have to go. mebe u'll go once in a fortnight. mebe if u really wish hard enuf, a faucet will magically appear near the throne.
no such luck

so there you are , u really got to go. and ur dreading it. coz u know its gonna be icky. HOW THE F*** do they manage without water ?? ur getting my drift aint ya ?? well i hope not literally !

now i really got to go ..

see ya after

1 comment:

  1. Hey DQ,
    I guess Dannon's do a good job with their plastic cans... you may choose to make a pick for some water near the actual throne [:p]