Monday, January 22, 2007

where have i landed ?

What is wierd in this country , is the constant questioning u get. well questioning i had seen in india. its just the sheer variety which is different ....

do u drink ?
do u have a boyfriend ?
what do u do with your free time ?
sleep ? [ thats when i get the ur-so-wierd kind of look ]
what kind of music do u like ?
eh ? [ apparently that answer is gonna give gr8 insight bout my character to the questioner ]
how can u dance without drinking ?
eh? double eh ?? [ what the heck does drinking have to do with it ? i can dance fine without drinking thank you ]
what kind of a girl are u?
boring. [ok now ur just making me conscious , what am i ? an alien ?]
how come u dont have a boyfriend ? dont u like guys ?
whoa ! wait a minute. now i'm a lesbian ????

whats wrong with this country ??? phew i thought WE back homw were obsessed with typecasting.
looks like i've just come from the frying pan to the fire ...
ha !

what i particularly dont like is the implication , that something might be wrong with you , just because you are not a certain way. which is ridiculous !!!
PPL. leave others alone and mind your own damn business.

i gotta a life to lead and let me remind you, so do you.

a totally random point is that I hate being pushed ... u know how i hate being pushed .. dont ya ?
yeah , u know that ...
well one of my roommates , the one who'll stay till dec is one of those fussy ppl.
u know the one's who absolutely must ahve everything in its place and thats ok by itself , but they expect ur life to toe the line right to the dots in the i's and the crosses in the t's. am i making anysense ?
its just thats she's a bit annoying and she's gonna get on my nerves very soon.
i hope i dont loose my temper too much .. u know the kind of scrapes i keep getting into.

i like the other 2. they are genuinely easy going.
perhaps its so coz i'm so uptight ?? thats the most frequent accusation made against me this month.
and no guesses for who keeps saying it !

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  1. re reading this one and i can't even remember who the poor girl is.

    i'm pretty sure its a girl though. coz i've never roomed with a guy. ever !!

    hey i wud have remembered that! i think.