Tuesday, January 2, 2007

the biggest city in the world is

hey , too cool ..

went to TGIF for dinner , had a real heavy dinner there . they have only one veggie dish ! some veggie pasta. any living creature except a cow and me wud have hated it !! :-/
anyways on our way out , we just decided it wud be too cool to go to new york :) so we did

bot a 2 hour trip where i saw ground zero , walked around in times square , saw the statue of liberty from a distance , the empire state building , wall street , drove thru 2 tunnels the names of which i totally dont recollect ( i know i'm hopeless ..groan ..) drove over 2 bridges , saw 4 planes land in 5 minutes in JFK while we drove past the airport ...
TOO COOL ! man , it was freezing, was wearing TWO jackets !! but had not worn gloves... ( and now that i've almost lost my fingers to frostbite , i really wish i had ..)
also since its impossible to cover ur face , it almost fell off. literally. my frenz said after a while ur face just becomes too numb ..
unfortunately i retained the sensation on my face the whole evening ...groan .... it was so F***** COLD. swear i cud feel the blood in my face turning into ice !!!!! F***

and thats not even the wierdest part.
I SWEAR while i was taking snaps in times square , guess wat i saw ?
A &%$#^ man wearing what i cud only describe as a &^%^& SWIMSUIT running thru times square and into madison street.

it was FREAKING - 4 degrees !!! the dude was in a F***ING SWIMSUIT !!!!!! I SWEAR. the kind girls wear. one piece :-
dont ask me wat that was about. u think i had the balls to ask ???

and now i'm off to bed with this scene running thru my mind ( ya thats exactly wat i needed to help my insomnia , an image of a one piece black swimsuit clad white guy running thru times square .. the universe obviously hates me :-/ ) i only hope u have the same dreams (why shud i be the only one to suffer , huh ?? HUH ???)
I just had to write this. i know when i get up tomoro morning , i'll have the vaguest recollection , and a week later , i'll be like -
new york ? hey i've never been there .. hows the place ? :-/


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