Thursday, January 25, 2007

Picture Perfect

it snowed today !
and all my quibbling over the last couple of weeks bout the snow , forget that !
it really really snowed today !! theres a perfect layer of white everywhere. and i almost slipped and broke my ankle .. thank god that didnt happen ...

And .. and ... it snowed today !!
other than that obviously my life is an absolute mess ...
but i still can't believe i'm in a place where it snowed.. hey trust me , when they advise u back home not to apply to cold countries coz its too cold. BELIEVE THEM and apply to warmer places ..

dont try to do anything funny and u'll be fine ..
haan zyaada hoshiyari dikhane ki zaroorat hi nahi hai ..

went to a microsoft info session .. cudnt stay till the end .. ibm kept flashing at me and telling me to get out .. i just cudn't :)
some loyalties run deep ..

am getting confused with my parallel dimensions by the way .. so u gotta gimme some leeway..

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