Saturday, January 6, 2007

every dog has its day ?

I really dont have anything to say. just that since I wont be able to login for the next 4 days , i'm already feeling the withdrawal symptoms.

so this friend of mine , got bitten by a dog. what was he doing , that got him into that ?? sheesh.
he shud have bitten the dog back !!
forgive my crass insenstivity on the topic ... but its kind of a bit funny. especially since i dont have any of the details to make me feel guilty for finding it funny.

we dont talk to each other anymore.
apparently i failed to display the appropriate amount of MATURITY and sympathy when presented with the situation. i give in. I SAID i was sorry for his misshap. i SAID i hoped he felt better. what else did he expect ? i actually forgot he was supposed to take his rabies shot and enquired bout his tetanus. mebe THATS what pissed him off ?? that i cudn't remember the exact name of the disease mad dogs passed on to humans? hey i knew tetanus was a bit off.. but then i wasnt exactly racking my brains at that time...

never had anyone ANGRY at me before for a lack of MATURITY !! jeez what a reason.
but then ... i'm sorry ! i found it a bit funny ! he got bit by a dog !! thats ridiculous. who is bitten by a dog ????
he wasn't in any amount of pain if its any consolation.

man it must have been traumatic.. imagine. ur bitten by a dog. the whole exp is traumatic. and then u have an idiot friend who doesn't display the necessary MATURITY for the situation.
the universe was out to get you THAT day for sure ! life is soo unfair.

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  1. i'm SORRY ! but this is hillarious even after a whole year !! i guess i'm still not MATURE enuf !!!