Saturday, January 13, 2007

Am I crazy enuf ?

I really like Pittsburgh. Yeah SURE I do. u wanna know why ?
It snowed today. how does it feel ? Why dont you stick your head in your freezer ,for about an hour ? Thats exactly how it feels.

you don't need to fly thousands of miles to find out. its exactly like sitting in a giant freezer. go sit in ur fridge.
yipee ...snow...

stupid snow.

i love m'lore. all my life i treated it with bare tolerance. baah boring place , nothing to do... but its FREAKING warm is wat it is.
now i love the place with fanatical passion. i'm gonna live in a tropical climate all my life you *&^%^.

thought I'd take walk to college the other day. 1.5 miles. hey big deal i can do it. and its not so bad.the cold i mean... so i walked.
now all of you know how brilliant my internal compass is. so i took a google map with me and i kind of reached college fine. didnt wander too much.
its the way back that really did it.

now see, i'm brilliant. so i thought i dont need a map to go back the way i came. i can find my way.
thats the reason i wandered for B*&^&%Y TWO FREAKING HOURS in circles before i finally saw another human being, who i cud ask for directions and realize i was walking in the opposite direction. of course it didnt help when the dude started laughing when he heard where i wanted to go....

i need GPS installed in my brain.
2 hours ...sheeesh.. the worst part is when i was walking i feel my jeans are all funny , no no nothing gross , u psychos .. my jeans were turning into ice !!! which was just gr8 , coz now i was lost and walking with frozen popsicle pants.
all of u know right? i used to be cold in b'lore ... which is damn funny now, coz guess whats the temp out here now, right at the point when i was walking from the bustop to the lib (thats right i decided i'm not trying anymore stunts and am talkin the bus , though i missed a stop and had to walk back yest, but thats another story). ur not guessing....

its -9 centigrade.

can i come home now ?


ps: the snow isn't all that bad to watch when ur inside. OR u go out wearing 2 sweaters , a snow jacket, 2 gloves , 2 woolen caps....
ofcourse after all that u can barely turn without bumping and displacing everything around you. they were real happy to see me off the bus btw.

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