Thursday, July 5, 2007


u know there was a time when i suspected i had multiple personalities..

then there was this time when i thought i was schizo ... and this other time i was wondering bout bipolar disorders ...

ok so u got the picture ...

but just think. that if i was right even once. then the ppl around me are in BIG trouble.
well specifically the 'prospect' i referred to in my prev post wud be in the biggest trouble.

oh. this is part of a continuing series. lets name it. or mebe label it.

to get back to the topic in hand. ever wonder how a conv with 'propsect' wud go ??
{no its not a typo u dud, i'm calling them propsects now, u'll know why}

ring ring
me: hello ?
prop: hi

me: yes ? who's this ?
prop: this is beeep beeep {cesored out on request}
me: oh hi. how u doing.
{10 min of small talk. am perfectly reasonable. i talk intelligently of my work, my house, my parents, barely remember to ask after his. }
{conv is dying as he has asked many questions and i've stopped, after asking how his family is doing, coz lets face it. i dont really wanna know. hey i forget anyways , so sue me i dont ask interesting questions ....}
{and my mother has threatened to nag me to death if i act too smart ...}

prop: so if u have ANY questions u can ask me. {big mistake as he realizes too late}
me: really? ok cool. i'll start. why do u want to get married ?
prop: umm what ?
me: yeah go on tell me. what is the reason. why do u want a wife. what r ur expectations
prop: well i thot it was time. and my parents asked me to.
me: ur getting married bcoz ur parents want u to ? do u really think thats a gud idea.
prop: actually no.

me: so how much do u earn?
prop: umm.. about beeep. {a very decent amount i guess, but am ignorant so i ask.}
me: and is that enuf? can u support a family ?
prop: {completely nervous, family?? like in multiple ppl?? wtf is she talkin bout} umm.. prob not.
me: then do u think u shud be getting married now in such a hurry ?
prop: umm actually no

me: oh dont worry bout it. {better not send everyone into blind panic}
so what r ur plans ? do u have a house?
prop: house?? errr planning to buy one in couple of yrs..
me: cool. i hope that works out for u. personally i always had a dream. i wanted a house with a swimming pool.
prop: a.. a pool ?
me: ofcourse and a library. u know with those floor to ceiling shelves...
prop: ofcourse {dignified} thats an excellent idea.

me: yeah i know. i know i can get it one day. if i slog hard enuf.
oh btw i have some principles. {i can hear my grandmum turning in her grave}
i wont have children. i believe there are enuf children on this planet. i think we shud all be socially respnsible and adopt ....{this goes on for a while}...

hello ? hello ? u there ???? {no signs of life on other end}

prop: hmm .. yeah i am. i think u have very noble ideals.
me: yeah i know. unfortunately no one gets me. {now no one can disagree with the lofty ideals and not seem like a complete jerk. check }
me: yeah ... so u planning to get married so soon ? within 6 months ? dont u think u need more time to see if ur compatible ?? .... {this goes on for 2 min}

prop: actually yes. my parents are just pressurizing me. i told them i was not interested in anything so soon...
me: hey u gotta stand up for urself. u know i've been fighting .....{this goes on for 5 min} .. so u see, right? we have to make the choice when we are ready and not when they are.

prop: ur right. i think i'll tell my parents that i'll not be ready for another 3 yrs. ur absolutely right.
me: ofcourse i am.


hey if i'm doing this i'll be sure that everyone's hair in my family is completely grey.

like i said
"if i'm going down, i'm taking everyone with me." :P

standard disclaimer::: this post has no resemblance to anyone dead or living. and if u perceive any....uh oh. now hold on.
pls let me tell u this one small thing. u were NOT supposed to read this.

hey i protest. pls cut back on the vodka its messing up with the voices in ur head. but ofcourse. i mean no disrespect.

ofcourse not.


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