Tuesday, July 17, 2007

nO, i abSoLUTelY dO iNSisT

of all the things I hate , its my phone ringing. I hate the ringtone. Its not that there aren't better ring tones. I have particularly searched for the vilest ringtone I could find. and now, everytime it rings I feel such pain and animosity towards the poor caller, its guaranteed to ruin the very experience of calling me for the poor sap who's on the other day.

Life's lil pleasures.....

ofcourse the thing I detest more is being woken up by it. Early morning, when I'm having the wierd dream of me being a burglar again for the 176th time... it starts blaring. and reminding me the world can find me whenever someone has a whim. I do detest the phony inventions, by jove !!
Life was a lot simpler when you cud disappear when u wanted to do. nowadays, you gotta log of all 3 of ur instant messangers, not check both your email accounts. switch off the phone. take an impromptu ticket to a random destination and then if your lucky no one runs into you when ur aimlessly walking around like a beach bum.

now, who was calling me at the infernal ungodly hour ? it was my mum. now, my mum is a sport. she is. but she doesnt get the whole day time conversion thing. or mebe she doesnt get that i'm a beach bum who's not fully awake till noon.
and what has dear mum called me bout ? its about a propsect !!!

by Jove !!! this takes the cake ! say what ?
having to listen to it is bad enuf, to be actually woken up ? anyways i suspect that she figures , since blackmail, threats bout bodily harm and eternal damnation in hell, pleading to my sense (??!!) and reasoning have all failed, i think she figures that the only way to catch me unawares is to get me when i'm half comatose.
now the worst part of this is I have no blooming idea what I agreed to. I might have agreed to anthing. u understand my state of panic , now dont u ?? {pleading voice}
and I can't even call back ! its bloomin night there ...

and all the while all I could think of was my bloomin minutes and how I was getting charged even for the bloomin incoming calls during the week.

gaaaaaah. i think i might have agreed to anything just to get her off the phone.

i'm screwed aren't I ??


  1. Isn't switching the phone off an option?

  2. ooooooh I never thought of that :-/ .... think bout it, switching the phone off when one has paranoid parents can have very serious implications !