Tuesday, July 24, 2007

gUiLtY aS cHarGED ?

I've been accused of many things, railed against, one-upped aplenty. I've probably heard the entire gamut of insults from being an insensitive b_____ to a stone-hearted ungrateful kid.

Yet the only charge that gave me pause was being called a romantic fool. Hey now this was serious stuff. And I'd really like to draw a defense against this one.

Now don't go around assuming stuff ... not that kind of romantic fool. this time it was for making the preposterous suggestion that there was hope for mankind after all.
Yes i know ... i know, there might not be any hope. we might all be hurtling towards our utter destruction , a nuclear holocaust and if there isn't any hope, then mankind be damned, nothing we do makes any sense.
But under the circumstances however grim they maybe , i prefer looking at the silver lining. after years and years of being a pessimist , I'm changing camp.
But wait, Now thats not exactly what am being accused of.

Oh no. what the exact ...ahem... complaint is that Ive romanticized all ideas of our filthy, corrupt mothercountry and remembering it through rose tinted glasses. Am forgetting the pollution, the eve teasing, the disgusting pawing mindless crowd. and harping on how gr8 home is. After all I do not live there. hence its easier for me to harp on its qualities while I have myself left for 'greener pastures'. And THIS is highly hypocritical of me....
Big Talk


Do i even care enough bout what you think for me to spend any time defending this ??
Does it make any difference to me what you think my motives are , for doing the stuff that I do ???

NOT ....

Well you go ahead and live in your bubble and I'll be happy in mine. All i'll say is
I've given your opinion a fair hearing in my head (one has to be just after all ..)
and have come to the conclusion that satisfies me.

meanwhile enjoy the song.

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