Tuesday, July 24, 2007

fiND a wAy

for all those who say that we're too insignificant to make a difference
for all who say that there are just too many obstacles in our way for us to change our society
for those who say that the 'system' is broken and can never can be fixed
for all the schmucks who prefer to bury their head in the sand and ignore what's happening outside their stepford lives ....

all I gotta say is get off your sorry ass and find a way. there's always hope. many people before you have found a way to help. and if YOU put your mind to it , am sure you can think of some way too. mebe you can skip eating in that 5 star restaurant this weekend and give the money to a kid instead. any kid.... hey its better than the money making its way through your digestive system !

either you admit that you don't care enough to make an honest attempt or you do something. just stop making stupid excuses.

go ahead check the link
Article in Times of India

and so what if it was 5 years ago. things could only have improved since then. hell mebe i'm an optimist and an idealist.....
do i really care what you think ?

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