Tuesday, July 31, 2007

hAvE yOU LoOKed iN tHE miRRor lAteLY ?

how many of you have stared at yourself so long that ur heartily sick of seeing your face ? bored actually. hey if ur one of those creatures that craves variety, it'll come as no surprise to you that there are some of us who wish for some variety with our faces too !! :P

recently put up a new photo of mine. now i'm the least vain person (atleast i believe so, though the claim itself may point to some kind of vanity ! )
and i know i'm no ...ummm... who can i say.... well am no ...jennifer aniston ? well anyways i know what i am. and really i can't remember a single time if it bothered me for more than 20 secs.

now this pic was a unique perspective coz it was a product of some whacky picassa editing. and have to admit the end product was more like morticia of the addams family than a heroine of the 50's. though i was aiming towards the latter !!

wat was interesting was the reaction to that photograph !! very wide and varied.
ofcourse the only reason i put it up was that it provided me with a gud laugh after a loooong time of feeling in the dumps. everytime i looked at it, it just cracked me up !!

but lets get back to the point....
the reactions...

some ppl thot i looked like i was being tortured by death eaters, some ppl thot i was a elephant serial killer (??!! only N cud come up with that ! lol ). Then there was the miss sleepy eyes, miss gorgeous , miss i-wanna-take-u-out-on-a-date (??!!! this poor dude was clearly delusional, infact he had never seen me before. i reassured him he didn't really want to actually go on a date with me! ) ..
my personal favourite was "omg wat happened to you" and "i fainted".

wats reaaally interesting is that almost all my closest bestest friends hated it OR thot it was hillarious. and almost all the acquaintances or gud friends or ppl who didnt know me so well, thot it was gr8.
well i wonder what that means now.... ????

interesting hmmmm......

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