Monday, July 9, 2007

iF yOU inSisT

many of you insist that i was in love.
that i was interested and was going around with some chappie.

ok ok i admit it.
i cant take the pressure anymore.

i liked this guy. all of 1 hour and 40 minutes. quite a record for me.
he was quite an interesting character u know.
but ofcourse it went nowhere ... there were too many barriers...

we were from two different worlds and it would never have worked. oh sure i was heartbroken when i thought of my bleak existence without him and all... but my friends consoled me over some ice cream and eventually i knew i wud live. i wud manage to pick up th broken threads of my life and go on....

sigh ..if only ...

well then wat do u think happened?
the movie got over and i went to have my ice cream.

hey !! so sue me ! i liked a character in a movie...
hey , i WAS heartbroken !! how dare u suggest my pain wasn't real. well anyways don't tell my roomie. she paid for the ice cream :P

ok ok i'll get serious and answer your question. though why u wanna know is beyond me. there was this one chap , he was my senior in fencing classes... oh wait a minute thats a book i read last week.... mebe it was that guy i saw outside the chemistry lab... oh no wait i never took chemistry...

nopes sorry fellas. but looks like there was only ice cream and books in my life. which kinda explains why i'm like this.. if u know what i mean ....
yeah yeah i know its very disappointing u didn't get ur scoop. live with it.

stop pesterin me will ya... have some ice cream.
i'll have chocolate pls.

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