Monday, July 9, 2007

i'LL rEtraCT mY sTateMEnTS

from the previous posts some of u may come to think of me as an arrogant bitch, pardon my language. but i beg to differ. i am not arrogant. just perhaps a bitch.

now i'm under no dillusions that i'm a prize catch. and honestly no offense to any of the 'propsects'. hey if u listen to what i gotta say, u got off easy.
u can't even begin to imagine the magnitude of the disasters u escaped ...
ya know?

so now i dont wanna hear of any talk of arrogance or any other tosh ! i never pretended to be some dah-li-lah character , heck i'd prob give u the car to make ur getaway in ...

so now that i've ruffled all the smooth feathers ... oops.. i mean smoothened all the ruffled feathers, can i borrow a 100 bucks ?? i need to catch this train to umm...aaahhh.. well u know since i gave away the car to this chap for a getaway ....

oh gimme a 100 bucks will ya ?

std disclaimer: now that this explanatory post is posted , the author understands that she can take any liberties she wants with her versions of realities and no legal action shall be taken against her. ofcourse the author also hopes that u understand this also.

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