Wednesday, January 6, 2010

i HavE sToPpeD pOsTinG foR tHe paST seVEraL weEkS

laments a true fan....

true true. and while anything i say will just sound like a soppy bunch of excuses [ bunch of soppy excuses? ] , it IS true that the weather has been very very dreary, and i seem to be competing with local bears on how much more sleep time i can clock this winter ( 15 16 14 15.5 hours this last 4 days ).
Even actually managed to weather some pounding on the door from concerned roommate, several calls from ppl wanting to know wat i'm up to [ i'm SLEEPING. now go away ] and missed mealtimes. if that doesn't make me an hororary Oregonian bear, i don't know what will.

meanwhile on the topic of the climate, we have blah.. and just more blah heading towards us for the next 4 months. i toy with the idea of going to the coast to storm watch, even toy with the idea of setting off towards the west till i hit the coast and just throwing myself over [ for the sheer heck of it ].

on the wedding front. like i said last time , a whole bunch of ppl asking me how the wedding was. [ seriously? i've just blocked it from my mind as a traumatic experience. ]
i also made myself highly unpopular by grabbing hold of passing by younger cousins , looking at them with a crazed look in my eye and screaming at them "when its ur turn, for the Love of GOD, ELOPE. run like the wind when they come for you!!! aargh" this was right before they dragged me through another long and leg cramping ritual.

i also did my best to whine, sulk and in-general make my husband's life miserable during the process. just as a precursor to how his life wud be for the next 50 yrs... [ hey u drag me through 40 districts to various places in 2 weeks, i'll just return the favor and make it as unpleasant a journey as possible ]
so we have one month down and 49 years 11 months more of annoying-my-husband-out-of-his-wits-days to go. yaaay!!

aaah marriage... fun....

well so back to the India trip. i didn't keep notes and everything is now just a hazy blur... so i can't tell for sure.. but ofcourse there was drama. ofcourse there was an epic journey leaving tirumala, hours before a total Andhra meltdown, being sick ON that journey and being very filmy about it. and ofcourse there was suspense and comedy and drama and some women got all senti and cried in the wedding. [ i've heard women do that. get emotional i mean ] and ofcourse i almost cried too [ when they removed my headgear, i cud have wept for joy at the sheer relief of it ]

and ofcourse there are pics. and more pics and gifts and wierd pranks that cousins tried to play on us, and flopped unfortunately. [ for them i mean. i mean whoever heard of talcum powder over a fan. that thing disappeared like fairy dust dood ]

then there was the journey back. which was like some purgatory punishment from God, for HE knows wat reason. we stayed back in the darn airport for 24 hrs , i'm sorry am i repeating myself? well watever we got back.

and then i slept for a week and got up 8 days later.

ooooh i never told you bout my crazy uncle's one who dressed up as a very good looking transvestite and the other in a burkha and came to the wedding reception and freaked quite some ppl out. now we know where the crazy gene's come from.
that was fun!

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