Wednesday, January 6, 2010

NeW wiSHes aRe ThE sAme WisHeS

yes yes i know i'm supposed to be wishing you a happy new yr.

i'm supposed to be doing a lot of other stuff too. like writing my '10 goals and writing this driver software thingy so that the other thingy works.

and i'm supposed to be finding some stuff i really really want, online. like a second hand guitar. < hint hint to anyone who wants to buy me a second hand guitar, here is my address... oh shush u know you'd like free stuff too >

but i don't want to specifically wish you a happy new yr. thats kind of like saying i wish all the ppl i don't know an especially crappy new yr. i mean why can't i just say, i wish the whole world a happy new yr and go back to sleep? makes it a lot simpler doesn't it.

pffft OFCOURSE i'm rambling coz i'm trying to find a way to kill time at work, after i'm done for the day.
get back to watever ur supposed to be doing willya?

oh and i guess i wish you an ecstatic new yr [ just cz u read till here :P ]

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