Monday, January 25, 2010

sALtY sHorEs

note to self : saltwater room, owl city
nice lyrics.

saw a movie yest. ok i admit it i'm like REALLY behind on my movies.
luck by chance. interesting. its nice to see such movies if only for the fact that they're experimenting. and they found a realistic way of introducing songs into the movie, other than the usual dreaming sequence and sudden cuts away from the story line.

right now i'm thinking that i'm glad i haven't gotten into the habit of calling K , hubby. the word is too close to chubby and dubby. and really.. why wud u put someone u actually like through the embarrassment of being called "Hubby" in public?

i'm thinking i'm also glad that i don't call him "pooh bear"....
seems to be there's a lot i can be thankful for.. and it looks like K has even MORE to be thankful for.

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