Monday, January 25, 2010

sWimmiNG wiTh tHe riGht cOmpANy

i don't understand twitter. i understand wanting to follow some famous personality through their day. yup i'd be interested to know wat AA had for breakfast and if i could have the exact same thing and feel good about myself.

ya riiiiight.

so anyways i kind of fried my computer yest. it started off with a virus ( i think ) or internet explorer. one of the 2. and i tried to fix it by installing something called bit defender. but after that my computer did like... nothing for an hour.. so then i tried to delete symantic.. and a bunch of other stuff. and my computer .. like crashed a couple of times... there was some ... swearing and some ppl got a lil upset ( me )
and finally i ended up doing something after which my desktop does not show up. neither does the taskbar or the quick launch. and then i tried somethign and now i think i deleted the network drivers.

what i REALLY think happened is that symantic and bit defender were having all out war and they fried my computer from the inside. had nothing to do with me going and removing files willy nilly.
oh no no no , not at all.

anyways its a good excuse for me to get ubuntu on my comp.

note to self: swimming with dolphins, sillhoutte. i just like the name of the group coz i want to swim with dolphins too.

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  1. Apple pie with orange juice. Enjoy.