Wednesday, December 16, 2009

tHe gReAT iNdiAn weDdiNg

well its almost done. i can see the finishing line. and as the dust of the past few days settles, i look back at amazement at all the travelling/ eating/ meeting and greeting that i've done.

and yes, i've been getting the questions, how is married life. when is the wedding ( its been 10 days AFTER the wedding ) , how is it being happily-married, how is s*x, how is... the great indian tradition of asking questions. of asking wierd questions, embarrassing questions, of funny , mundane, leading questions.

and the great indian tradition of eating. eating eating eating, feeding and eating.

well the wedding was good. chaos as only i cud make it. i was confused & dazed as only i cud be.
and mebe i surprised more ppl than u or i cud count, bout how disinterested i was in some aspects of the wedding. like the eating part. and the dressing up in 3 kgs of gold for a week after the wedding part.

but i'm just being a whiner. it wasnt all that bad. i'm sure there were plenty of fun moments... umm... gimme a min while i try to rem.

oh ya. there are stories, and a good lot of posts after today are gonna be updates on the stories. and mebe i shud start at the very beginning so i dont miss stuff. but then i suspect my true nature is gonna takeover and its gonna be a hodgepodge mix anyways..

but trust me. the stories when they're finally out... they're gud ;P

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  1. u stopped posting for past several weeks !