Monday, December 10, 2007

wiErD fRiENds

so a friend of mine pings me after a long time..
just to say hi.

i got an exam due the next day. right? so am a bit terse. i mean i'd LIKE to get all chummy with you pal , but hey take it up with my prof. or mebe my moronic project teammates who decide they'd rather party than do anything else ...

ok ok its just the frustration talking..

so he pings me. (yes its a he, we have now established that)

me: "hey"
"how you doing?, by the looks of your blog, your not doing well"
me: eh what ?
"yeah your pathetic "
me: "whaaaat ?, excuuuse me". "oh are we doing that now??" "ok i think your a **&%^%* &*%^$ *&@%&&!"

lets just say you don't want the rest of the conversation. its def PG rated. :P
i mean whats with these wierdos??? ofcourse the more pertinent question is. what the heck are they doing on my friends list ?
its funny. oh come on u know its funny. just like that time you told me you had carpal tunnel syndrome, i thought it was a joke and i insisted you type out the entire chapter 3 back to me just for kicks... ok that was not that funny...

but then seriously. wats with guys ?? are they born morons??? and the explanation was
"you jumped the gun i was just saying your circumstances are pathetic."

yeah like that helps a lot.

with the mood i'm in right now. i could just kick someone's ass. mebe yours. mebe the chinese guy sitting next to me. i don't know. i could just do it ya know.

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