Monday, December 17, 2007

i'M dOne

stick a fork in me, am done !!
whew its been a tough couple of months. like we said .. ( thats me and my multiple personalities.. yup they'r back )

wooohooo !! am done. and i don't even care a damn about the coming cold and long winter months !!! :P

so what if i got crazy morons around me who call me unspeakable names !! so what if i got work ahead of me and no chance of a break. so what if my colleague next to me in the lab is trying to turn me into a true blue christian ??? so what if my mother back home is desperately trying to off me. well not kill me, no. but trying to get rid of me. well u know...

so what ??/
a lesser person might despair ! but not me !! woohoo. am done.

ouch. i just tripped over the chair while i was doing the single-boy-am-i-glad-to-be-done dance.


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