Tuesday, December 11, 2007


its always strange, when a well meaning christian tries to convert you.
i mean has it happened to you yet ?? u shud try it sometimes.

they'r very friendly folk you know. and i think its part of they'r thing. u know get more sheep. all very noble ofcourse. but not helping the global balance at all.
its sad that these gentle people, are so mixed up. i mean i'm sure they'r a fine folk, but its ridiculous. them trying to convert everyone around themselves.

unfortunately for my shepherd friend, i am a lil too opiniated to be swayed. and besides i'm part agnostic, part fanatic when it comes to this one topic.
no way am i falling for some cockammammy story on how one religion is better than the other. if you want my opinion ( and am sure u do.. yeah right )
there's one god and if he didnt exist it wud be necessary to invent him. its just one giant coping mechanism , and if you got time and your interested i got this fabulous idea on how energy is concentrated and becomes god and how our brains control our reality...

thats what happened you know...
i ended up giving the poor guy a lecture, on how all gods are one. and the universe is just made up of energy. i did get a ride home though.
mebe that was time well spent for him..

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