Wednesday, December 26, 2007

kiLlEr beEs

in exactly 3 days it will be one whole yr since i came to this .. place.

now i wish i cud pontificate ( a new word i learnt from another fav prof ) about how i never realized how time flew and all that. but the truth is. i WAS aware. every excruciating minute of it. every day i was aware of the minutes i spent away from home and as snoopy says, the mere comprehension of actually having spent a yr out here makes me wanna bang your head on the nearby wall.
ok ok snoopy didnt say that, but its just sounds way cooler if i quote him.. ya know?

i think i have reached the pinnacle of success in my life. why? coz i have started a blood feud with this annoying... person. actually i seem to have started blood feuds with many annoying... persons. except that this one is different. this one is hates me too. the rest are just nincompoop dodos who dont know a blood feud when it hits them in the face.
ha ! u blundering fools atlast i have an arch enemy worthy of my time.

ok i admit it. all the hibernation seems to have got to me. i'm wierder than usual. must be all the disney cartoons i've been watching lately.
yaaaawn , okies back to sleep. i tell ya. bears have got the right idea.

u shud read this comic strip everyday. agnes. its funny. i mean its as funny as calvin sometimes. kids that have a killer sense of irony. that and chocolate chip cookies make life worth living :P

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