Friday, January 20, 2012

sTaRT sHoVELliNg

how kind of my office. they are lending us shovels to shovel our a$$ no i mean our cars out of the parking lot when it snows. aaaaw they care about us.
well now.. you know if you really loved me , you'd build a parking structure.... but that would contribute to global warming.. aaaah now i'm conflicted. do i want to spend all winter shovelling or walk into a nice warmed up car care.

now why the heck is the lady next to me talking about clergy and sexual orientation ? for the last half hour !!
OMG lady some of us are trying to blog.. errr work. but noooo go right ahead. talk about the employment policies of the clergy and their potential discrimination against ppl with variety of sexual orientation.
hey i don't know.. just telling you what i heard, man. its a strange strange world out there.

oh wait now she's talking about boy scout america. and the church. and orientation ?? wait i have to hear more about this.. this might actually be news worthy.. brb

so we just had our bonus announced. it's pretty good. yes i can take a vacation if i want to. yes i can go to bora bora for a week. but another lady who sits next to me.. let's call her lady P [ man ever since i moved, i have just too many ppl ] sitting next to me ] , she couldnt stop complaining about the bonus. apparently she has 6 patents accepted and 13-14 patents pending. well wooho. so she did a lot of good work in the first five years of her career. but come to last year, and really lady, half the time you were on a break taking ur kids to school. why you complaining about the bonus.
that reminds me of lady R, and lady A all complainers about the how much they work and how little they get out of it. wait how come they're all ladies. why are there no pigs A-Z ? oops i mean lord A-Zs ? i don't hear any of the guys complaining so much. yes i know a couple of guys.. one complains that he doesnt have enough work and the other complains that his manager is a kadoos. but its not the whining kind of complaint. generally they contend themselves with calling someone an idiot and then turning their attention to the next football game.
i must observe this phenomenon some more.

i can now go 6 miles. yes i huff and puff quite a lot. but its a considerable feat, considering.. you know.. what i was before. i shall call it pre-2010 and post-2010. i need some fancy names for the eras. 

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