Wednesday, January 11, 2012

nOt aS tiREd aS i ThoUGht i'D BE

well... FINALLY. we can breathe a sigh of relief. while Anand has been very generous in his praise, albeit he does sound as biased as an I employee.. still , like they said, we just want to get a seat at the table.

if you don't know what i'm blabbering about. never mind. follow the CES. follow the I. follow the little rectangle box in my boss's pockets. well enough of that.

so we finally reached a kind of milestone today. but what from here? what do you do, when your pinged by someone introducing himself as your replacement :D go find another job !

yesterday , i did 5 miles. for the first time since a long long time. about a month after i restarted running. it was Awesome ! with a capital A !
so yes i hadn't had a good lunch and i started feeling a little dizzy a the 2 mile mark. but hey, my a$$ doesn't tell me what to do. and so i gritted my teeth and continued. d@#$ it to hell and back i was supposed to do 4 miles and do it i will. around 3.0 mile mark, my knee starts giving a bit of twinge. not really severe pain, but a twinge nonetheless. so i slow down and broodingly consider the options. d@#$ it , no options. so i pause for a few seconds and stretch and startup. around the 4.0 mile mark i feel great. one more mile to go. now my legs are more fluid. i got some more energy from somewhere and my movements are smoother. knee no longer hurts.
yaay 5 mile. walk/jog/run whatevery you want to call it.

soon i'll be doing the 10k without having to grimace so much.

and mebe.. just mebe one day i'll run the marathon !

not bad huh, for a dumpy couch potato. i have to say muscle memory is a marvelous evolutionary trick we developed. where would we be without it ??

do you follow the debates? ur lucky if you don't. then you won't routinely feel like gouging your eyes out. what the heck is wrong with those fools ? and the folks who vote for them ? i'm kind of OK with RP. but the rest? are complete idiotic mormons, no i mean morons.
especially the cowboy losers who go on and on about obamacare and some stupid A values. yeah sure , if being stupid, stubborn and always looking for a fight is an A value, then sure.. you guys all totally exemplify it.
but like K said, remember this is the country that voted for Bush .. twice.