Friday, September 4, 2009

tO LiSten iS sAcriLedGe

some ppl just don't know how to keep secrets. now wait. that's a bit harsh.... i mean they don't know how to shut up... i mean.. ok here's wat i really mean.

so its a sad sad day when i got to listen to ... ahem ... tips from my mother on how to spice my ... ahem ... life. and yet thats precisely wat she insists on doing!!

and if THAT isn't bad enough, now i gotta listen to hearsay bout the lovey dovey phone conversations, my neighbor's daughter has with her fiance. apparently i need to learn a lot!! :O
now i don't understand how my mom even KNOWS wat that girl talks with her fiance. lets call him F.

so S talks with F and comes and tells her mom everything. and i mean EVERYTHING. and this mom picks and choses the less racy stuff and tells my mother. who finds it hilarious to share it with ME and watch my face slowly turn an interesting shade of puce or purple, depending on the time of the day.

"oh haha, do you know wat S says to her F everyday? u shud do the same... let me give you a few tips on what you should be doing ..."

me: " oh good lord. heavens above. my ears. my poor ears. they're gonna explode. what have i done to deserve this? to listen to such stuff from my own mother..." [ me getting a lil over dramatic, hoping she'll stop. nope. no such luck ]

"oh u HAve to listen to this. apparenlty he's even suggesting that they elope! can u imagine. he must have got the itch" < her laughing hysterically at my expression >

me: "aaaaaargh my poor ears. my pooor brain."

"ohhh haha, see the moon. its so nice. do you feel romantic coz of the moon. u shud call him up and talk romantic stuff. do u already do that? wat do u say? why don't u tell me, i'll tell u if ur doing it right"

"!!??? are.... u......sputter..... sputter..... INSANE!! leave me alone. that's the last thing i need. a bunch of middle aged women in mlore, sitting around and discussing they're daughter's love lives and the conversations they have with theire fiances or husbands or anything!!!"
[ aaaaaaargh i need my noise isolation headphones ... like 10 minutes ag... aaaah blessed silence ]

i look at her , she's still saying something. but now these headphones are great!!! mebe i can like permanently fix them to my brain or something. i smile at her. nod show her a thumbs up and walk away. whistling merrily.

man! i shud have thought of this sooner !!!

ps: S. STOP TELLING UR MOM EVERY DARN THING U TALK ON THE PHONE WITH UR F. are u crazy!!! have some pride girl. really. the rest if us have zero interest in listening to ur coochie cooing. ugh.

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