Friday, September 4, 2009

LosiNG yOuRseLf

i'll admit. i've lost a lot of things. phones, watches, spectacles, myself.
now dang it. i've gone and done it. i've lost my mother.

well so here's the thing. we were supposed to go on a walk see?
and she wanted to walk slow. meander almost and i wanted to test my new awesome seinheiser headphones. see?
and so we agreed. we agreed that in some time i'd meet her near this bench.
and we went in opp directions.

and an hour later, i come back and ofcourse she's not there. and i'm like yeah... i'll just wait here and she'll be along any second. and yet she's not here. so i think.. hmm mebe if i follow the path she took, i'll find her. and i go.. and i keep going and i complete her mile and by now i'm exhausted and i'm thinking to myself. gosh i know, just know where she is, she's gone back home and its getting dark and i daren't go back without her.. and i wonder if i should be calling 911... hmmm and i wonder if she's lost and wandering around by herself..hey wait isn't that her out there?? coming from my house???
i KNEW IT. she HAD gone home and was EATING HER DINNER!!

and i've been wandering around for the last 45 minutes searching for her !!

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