Friday, September 11, 2009

iF yOu haVEn'T heArD


looks like my creative spell has passed. u noticed it too???
ever since a certain someone landed on this continent say.. oh i dunno.. like 1.5 months ago???
i haven't been writing so much??

coz u has been busy. and at home, then certain ppl insist on reading this and then u know... uhhhh.. like THAT's not happening... not like when i'm still alive .. and kicking... i mean its not like i'm 7 again and i write on the first page of my journal.. my personal journal mind you.. that 'WHOEVER READS THIS IS A DOG'
and yet ... this certain someone [ how pesky ] person will read it. and since i knew that this someone would read it, i spent the next 40 pages writing how bad this person was and how much like a witch in wizard of Oz and cruella from the little mermaid cartoon.. and so on.. but its not like those days u know..
and this time i got passwords and stuff... to protect myself :D

but other than that, uve noticed it too?? huh. the lack of posts these couple of months? well partly its coz its summer. and partly its coz i've been running around a lot.

ooooh did i tell you how awesome crater lake was??? ooooh it was AWESOME.
and so was the top of multnomah falls. u shud def go there if ur ever in this part of town!!

For that hour after lunch when you're sleepy and bored

oh buck up. winter is almost here. and the blog will be up and running full speed again very soon, when this certain someone leaves on the ... well lets just say very soon. and soon the insanity that is the wedding will start.. and soon you'll end up hearing all about how i have to wear freaky head gear on a day that now looks to be not a day for me at all.....

oh btw reminder to self. gotta give an Ankur 3 min talk tomoro. at this fund raiser.

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