Monday, August 24, 2009

gRumBLing BeE

aaha !! did you know??

at a rate of 1 drop per second, a leaking faucet wastes bout 900 gallons per year.
now extrapolate that information to calculate exactly how much I'M LEAKING.

i'm leaking at the rate of ... 9 litres per day !!

ok ok.. i'm not gonna be leaking ALL day.. pffft. but still... i think i'm entitled to feel sorry for myself ... sniff...

after 3 days of ... wait a WEEK of feeling like crap. and after the horrible escapade of the mad b'day bash.. and after sleeping for 26 hours straight all of yest. i finally feel... remotely that is....... human.
hey hey HEY. i know i know. i'm NOT human. we all got THAT part.

but i feel human. isn't that enough?? can't you give me that much also???

got a busy couple of weekends ahead... yes yes
wildwood park was gr8. amazing. the water was freezing cold. yes yes. the person who said the water wud be too cold. foudn that the water was too cold. the person who said naah the water will be fine, stripped and got in and had the time of they're lives.

apparently attitude is everything. and u pretty much decide how much of a wuss u wanna be in life. also apparently all humans are annoying pests.

esp when u've all left for the picnic. everyone is on they're way to wildwood recreation site, welches OR, 2 hours behind schedule and you get this call from the other car, with an annoying pest telling you "heyy are you sure bout where we're going?? aren't we supposed to go to SALEM?? are you sure we [ meaning me ] booked it in the right place???
and then you can spend the next happy hour freaking out.. that mebe you've just booked one spot and paid 60 friggin dollars to boot and then ur taking 20 people to another county !!!

ooh ya. happy days aren't they.

finally turned out , i had booked the right spot and was taking everyone to the right spot. why she thought we were supposed to go to the county in the opp direction is beyond me. why she decided to screw my happiness all of sat, is also currently beyond me.
and why some ppl who are the fussiest and most difficult to please insist that you make their plans and then proceed to happily change everything.. is sooooooooooooooo effing beyond me... it makes my eyes bleed.

right. need to calm down. stress is doing my leaking no good.

neither is ending up with 12 green bell peppers and 6 colored bell peppers.
will someone please tell me WAT THE *&%&!@ i'm supposed to do with 12 large bell peppers, 15 large tomatoes and an entire lettuce head and WAT in the good lord's name was i THINKING when i got so many???

i hate b'days.

i hate humans.

i hate humans who have b'days

ps: weather was gorgeous. forest was gorgeous. if not for the weather and eternal cooking, even the trip wud have been gorgeous.

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