Friday, August 21, 2009

pRepARatiON mArAthoN

so guess what. we're having an INTERNATIONAL air show. in hillsboro, OR.

dude.. its INTERNATIONAL man... how AWESOME is that !!

this 2 cent doo hicky town is having this amazingly awesome show :P

I LOVE IT. i'm soooo buying the tickets. actually i can just sit in my office and see it... how cool is THAT !!!

so we're having this BBQ picnic, tomorrow. booked this place and all.. woodland... wooops i mean wildwood picnic/recreation site. one thing is i hope ppl turn up.
another thing is i hope we have fun. another thing is i hope the weather is awesome!

and yet another thing being.... phew too many things.

man my manager is gassing too much man. i kid u not.. wats with all the phrases.. like u need to step up. hit a home run. i mean really wats with all the sports metaphors???
ok ok to be fair to him, ive hardly been working hard. [ just coz i haven't been blogging so often recently... dood i got other things on my mind dood ]
and just coz ive been catching up on my comics collection...
yeah.. sigh.. i need to work a wee bit mroe..

here's to gr8 weather tomorrow... hic ... tomorrow.

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