Tuesday, August 18, 2009

oNe of THosE daYs

if you've been wondering why i've not been blogging... well don't. wonder.
just be thankful you've been spared me ranting and raving about those blooming idiotic moron.. "friends" i have around me.

well hi. yes. yes. am all glad to see you too.

hufff. yes i'm annoyed. and if you were in front of me, i'd bonk you on the head. why? juzt COZ i NEED to bonk someone.

so i went on 2 hikes so far. aaha !! didn't know that did ya? and i went running... ok ok walking [ who am i kidding? ] a couple of times.. last days of summer. gotta catch those last rays of sunshine.

other than that its just A and her gang who've been driving me up the wall. and then the PMS. yes. mother nature is visiting me. and boy do i wanna kick her in the behind. ok she's not yet visiting. she just sent her calling card. oh btw my mum is back this friday. from cali. yes. 14 subway sandwhiches and 2 weeks later i'm ready to have her back and eat awesome idlis. [ obv i'm exaggerating doofus. or... mebe not ] its unfortunate. how the palate gets used to this crappy food and ur going along happy in ur life thinking. oh wow this canteen food is gr8. this sandwhich or this brown rice with stuffed chille is gr8. but then u eat 2 weeks of home cooked meals and then ur like. oh crud this tastes like a horses behind. [ its called a METAPHOR .... or mebe not ]

so a few days ago. A tells me. she , her bf P and H are planning to move downtown so i gotta make some plans about where i'll stay. yes!! finally!! am rid of the crazy energizer bunnies.. ok so by itself this is a gr8 plan. but wait. they wanna go there only for a month. so that they can try it out and see how they like it.

exactly. huh?

and then they're gonna come back and move into a 3 bhk in the suburbs and since i'll be leaving to india anyways in a month after that. [ nov 19th btw which is another madness... ] then i gotta move in with em to save on rent.. and then after i'm married and back in hillsboro i can find a place on my own.


riiiight. and meanwhile. ive been the personal maid of 2 spoilt kids who refuse to clean up after themselves or throw the trash or vaccum the house.. so ur saying i shud move in with one more like u and become wat? unpaid nanny of the century no wait, this eon??

uh uh.

then ofcourse its my mum's b'day this week. and since she's obv gonna wait for some insane party, am thinking.. well lets have a picnic. u know. thats not too hard to arrange. i can do it. this is easy. and i'm in my own lil world. la di da searching for parks , right? and stuff. and looking around and am thinking no big deal. if we don't find any place. we just gotta go to the library park and have some fun out there... right. a whole bunch of ppl. some cake. some games. will be good.

and then i get this ping from H or someone i can't rem and this person says, since its the last days of summer S wants to go camping.. so is that ok... and am like.. ok.. am not sure who that person is, but i think my mom will like to camp.. i think so.. so u tell me where we're going and i guess i'll just get a cake and rest of party stuff out there.

and ofcourse the most logical thing happens the next day.

K. not my K , another K pings me and starts asking me about the details of the camp and where it is and if he can get someone else along.


here i am not even sure who S is.. and wondering if i'm invited to that camp and then, out of the blue i'm the sucker who's arranging the whole circus.
WAT ARE U GUYS??? ALIEN FREAKS. no wait. i'm the alien. ur the HUMAN FREAKS.

aaaaaaaaargh. my poor head will explode. how did it turn from a 2-3 hour picnic into this whole 3 day FEST in another state?????????

aaaaaaaaargh. i just feel like kicking someone. hard.



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