Monday, August 18, 2008

rEacHiNg thE heAVenS

man its been a long break. and when i say long.. its been really long..
like-the-time-taken-to-have-a-baby kind of long...

whoa ! i didn't have a baby. where did you get that whacked out idea from ? ( thats me trying to include some american slang (really ?!?) )
anyways ive been around a bit. not a whole lot mind you. just a bit.

some people thought i was dead. some people thought i was in depression. some even came home to check if i had absconded and i had to really work hard to convince my family i hadn't turned into a hippie. my phone was off, i was offline from all social networking sites and for a few days i even stopped checking my email.
why ?
just because.
and i have to admit.
it was heaven.

man i wish i was born a hundred years earlier.

well the world didnt't stop spinning. ofcourse most of my friends left me ( as in just gave up on me and now they refuse to talk to me.. ) and my family .. sigh.. lets not go there yet. i think the only thing my mom has NOT yet done is call the national guard.
oh well.

anyways, after bouncing around a bit, am now in colorado springs with friends.
newly married friends.
yes it is EXACTLY what your thinking. :D ok ok now Mr X my friend from colorado springs is gonna read this, so i gotta be on my toes. hey i love ya Mr X. and thanx a million for having me over ! and congrats on your wedding !! :)
but still it is EXACTLY what your thinking.

well you guys know me, ( well you should, go read all my previous posts.... now. )
and you know i'm the symbol of hallmark kind of love. the original mushy cupid and pink bunnies and cuddly puppies kind of love.

but seriously. its nice to see people happy and am really glad i'm here.
besides the place. is AWESOME.
ok i haven't seen much except for the sky. but what a sky !!!

its AWESOME folks. now this place is a flatland. with blue mountains in the horizon. and you don't have any tall buildings to hamper your view of the sky. so trust me when i tell you that the sky is amazing. ( really need some new adjectives don't I ? ) there are clouds of all shapes and colors and then the rainbows. wow let me not pontificate ( jeez where do i get these words. what a geek ! ) on the rainbows.
did i mention that i love looking at the sky.

oh btw many people hate me now for dropping off the face of the earth. in my defense. i had my reasons. they may not make any sense to you, but they exist.
and i'm NOT telling you. they are my reasons. MINE. so BACK OFF. ( sorry the prozac is acting up again ... :-/ )
suffice to say, i think i'm back.
i think.
you'll know when/if you see my next post.

anyways i want to end this post, with wishing my newly married friends all the happiness in the world. may their world sparkle hmmm give me a minute here.. like the stars of the universe (???!)( hey gimme a break, thats the best i can do here ). but the wishes are sincere and stay.
and i love the colorado springs sky.
and i'm happy to be back to write my dignified articles ( ?random crap ) which you are smart enuf (?? stupid enuf) to read.

oh well .. yaaaawn... its sooooo gud to be back

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