Saturday, April 26, 2008

doN't eVer fOrGEt

its been years
i had forgotten

the laughter.. the ribbing, the teasing, the cycle stand

i had forgotten

the exams , the cribbing, the classes, the notes passed, the hostel

its been years
i had forgotten

the birthdays, the gifts, the perfumes and the sari

the fights, the making up after the fights

the picnics, the trips, the flat tyres ( mostly mine), the chocolate milk shakes,the songs
lord the continous singing :P

too many years
i had forgotten

the hope , the laughter, the waiting to finish college, the jobs, the 10 buck masala dosas

the 13 masala papads, the canteen chai, the gazillion fwds, the wierd emails

it has been years
i had forgotten
good lord so many years..

how could i forget? mostly the laughter , always the laughter ...
must never forget, coz i dont think ive laughed like that and laughed so much in years...
too many years..

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