Sunday, August 24, 2008

liFe iN mOroCCo , mOviES aNd mE

now that you know that i'm in colorado right now, ( with friends that i love a lot :P {shameless flattering } ) my lifestyle has definitely improved. i watch atleast 4 movies a week. unfortunately not all of them good.
i watched this movie bachna haseeno whatever. the movie was okie dokie. but then i love this song. you must have heard it. khuda jaane. once i get a good youtube link i'll probably post it.
if you haven't heard it, then... hah ! finally i know something before you ! yeah for me !!

i just love the melody ...this composer rocks !!

and then i watched dark knight. and you know i've always been a little in love with batman ( is it only me or did you notice i use the 'L' word too much nowadays ??!?... the effect of my hosts ??!? )
this movie was pretty good too. i don't really remember much of the first movie except that i really liked batman and was drooling throughout the movie. hmmmm come to think about it, i wasn't drooling all that much this time, but mebe that was because most of the scenes had the joker in a close face shot and man he was good. i mean bad.. i mean a good bad guy ( make sense? but then when did i ever... )

and so there were the movies.. now about the morocco thing. naah am too lazy to write about it right now. mebe the next post.


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