Sunday, May 6, 2012

wRitiNg LoVe poEmS iS ridiCuLousLy eAsY

Oye, oh Husband of mine.
you..... yes you.

you. the one who made me almost miss my flight.
psst listen carefully so i can give you a piece of my mind.

you , who always underestimates the time taken to do anything.
and almost made my poor heart stop beating as i did a 100 meter sprint in the airport.

the next time, remember that traffic always takes 10 minutes more than you think
the TSA always make me wait 10 min more than i think
the queue is always longer the day i'm late
and the gate is always at the other end of the terminal.

so next time , help me be on time.
i made it just bearly.. scratch that .. barely while the flight door was being closed.
the last one to enter the flight and my name was called on the speaker
and everyone stared at me while i collapsed on my seat
huffing and puffing and all red faced
i couldn't stop hacking and couging till we reached 10,000 feet.

Oye, oh Husband of mine.
i dont need so much excitement. i'm married now. 


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  2. So you were alive in May. Does that still hold true?


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