Thursday, April 19, 2012

iT dOeS sLeeP a LiTtlE biT ... jUst a FeW hoUrS

i won't beat about the bush.

NY is awesome. love it love it love it.

did i mentioned how awesome NY is ? the weather was gorgeous, the city was large, i only got food poisoning once, lost about 8 was great !

the view from our room. hey i asked, and we got the 35th floor.

how long will they live here? and where do they bathe ??

times square ! never a dull moment

do i even need to say anything??

brooklyn bridge. i wanted to cycle on the bridge, but didn't have enough time.. oh well... next time perhaps ! spend half a day on the bridge ....

i can't wait to go back !
wait , did i tell you i went shopping in the garment district ? it was super awesome. ok so half the shops were wholesale only, and the other half sold only prom dresses and evening gowns, but still shopping is pretty cheap. reminds me of bombay. tops for 10 bucks, 25 bucks.
clothes are cheap, food is cheaper... whats not to like ?

so we saw the auto show (ofcourse.. K HAD to get his way), the WTC memorial, battery park....
walked around soho (ofcourse.... i HAD to get my way), greenwhich village, central park , china town, little italy, times square, broadway street, 5th avenue, trinity church, rockefeller center .....
saw brooklyn, harlem, downtown, the original Macy's , manhattan bridge, brooklyn bridge, city hall from the hop on and off bus
ate indian, indian, italian, indian, indian, deli, indian, deli, indian, chocolates,
yaay sarvanabhavan ... makes the best idlis ive had in a long time.

sigh... my legs almost fell off.. but i had a good time. 


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