Tuesday, March 20, 2012

tHe tiP tO rEmeMberiNg pAssWoRds

i'm living up to my namesake. if not exactly the queen o disaster , i'm certainly reigning champion mayor of disaster-ville.

so ive cracked the back panel of my iphone, and so i've been given a hard cover case for it by my horrified lab manager to preserve as much of the remaining scraps as possible.
last night i turned my phone on, and suddenly asked to change my pin. a frickin 6 digit pin. like come ON, I is taking this too far.. how many unique passwords can i come up with every 3 months???
lpatop, my I account, my phone, my laptop..

so i do what i usually do, and i just took the last 7 digits of my phone, K's phone, K's brother's phone..
wait K doesn't have a brother.. who's number is this?

well, never mind that. so i got a new password .. fed it in. all in five minutes and i was feeling pretty good about it and proceeded to forget all about it.
now the next day. i pick up my phone. i can hear it pinging like mad every few seconds from a mile away. ok so that just means a lot of ppl are sending me emails or i'm being spammed.

ofcourse i had forgotten all about the new passcode. typed my regular one and ooops i failed.

aaha ! now i remembered... it's K's phone number not mine. typed that in. failed.

oh wait , i had got some of the digits mixed up. failed.

oh wait i got the First digit wrong. failed.

umm... his other number ? failed.

hmmm what about the first number again ? failed too many times. phone locked for a minute.

OOOoops. ok let me try after a minute. wait, do i even remember K's number... hmm not [ before you judge me, K has frickin 3 numbers man.. it's like he lives to braintease me ] so who's number did i give as a pin yesterday.

i had done it so mechanically i don't think i even remember what i typed. i try to close my eyes and visuallize the digits. vii-suu-aa-liiii-ze. come on dag nabbit. its just seven numbers....

but nope. so its been a minute. i try another random variation of K's brother's number and nope locked for 5 minutes.

sensing that this is not going to get me anywhere and now i probably need IT help to jailbreak my phone, i let the phone continue recieving the spam emails [ well i hope they are spam ] and get ready to set off. while i'm driving i wonder .. do i really need a phone. i mean after my recent debacle of losing the phone, i dont think i can go back and tell them i need another one.
so whats the worst that can happen if i don't have a phone. really i don't need one.

so i try the next best thing. going the way of the zen.
i spend the next 45 minutes of my drive listening to country music, other music scanning stations , letting my mind wander.

i reach office. sigh this means another half day at the IT office.

that's when a vague memory starts floating to the top of my mind. i remember yesterday. i had tried x-yy-ytrwx and it hadnt worked.. so still in my mechanical way i had kept the first digit and the rest was K's number.. maybe that was it ! but i wasn't sure. so there in the middle of the parking lot, i whipped out my phone and entered the seven golden digits. voila !!phone unlocked.

aaah i can feel it. the day will be a good day.

and i start walking to the lobby. happy as a clam. though i don't know why the darn clam are so happy all the time.

something feels funny. about my feet. i don't feel like i usually do.

and i look down.

DAGNabbit. i'm wearing my gym shoes with my formal office wear.

sigh... today is going to be a good day. i have to believe it.


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