Tuesday, May 1, 2007

cOdiNG loSErs

I'm one of them. complete loser when it comes to c++ coding.

its funny coz i always thot logic was one of my USP, and then comes along pointers...
with its hillarious error messages .. very informative btw -
" system error - aborting , sorry for the inconvinience "

sorry , my ass !!
they say when it works its one of the most beautiful things. puuuhlease..
the operative word is not when, its an if.

why i crib ? well after spending like hours and hours on something , after having working code in matlab. then try and converting it to c++. after hours n hours of core dumps... do u still wonder?

one thing is for sure. i'd rather , do java than c++. but am afraid... very very afraid.. i think am stuck with c++ for a long long time... god i cud cry !

i can feel my damn computer heating up trying to process all these images.
its just not right.. uh oh its slowing down now..

oh crap think its cras.....

1 comment:

  1. Instead U can say, U dont know coding.