Saturday, March 31, 2007

thE LaST wiNteR dAY

This country is a strange one,
summer is here , finally !! am glad. while no longer have this wierd tendency to hibernate , i see ppl all around enjoying the sudden sun.

Yesterday i go to school and I see the strangest things ever, people juggling , swimming in inflated pools, stalls offering lemonade.
guitars , jam sessions in full swing. ppl just happy that the winter is done with.

had to admit , it was amazing,
actually had our project meeting on the grass :) i have quite a mind to one day take a book and sit and read in the sun. wat fun !!

:D yes i do think i will do that ..
hey looks like i got a plan for the summer !!!

aaha , seasonal affected disorder , take that :P

another aaha, I have discovered how to add videos in my blog. now this is the beginning of something I'm sure to enjoy and your sure to regret .. lol

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