Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Cross country with Tintin

I spent an exhausting 12 hours on the road. well specifically , in the sky.
and here i sit, pretty sure am stinking , coz i came straight from the airport.

ooh ooh, they lost my bag and they say they'll send it to me. but that was after i spent hours waiting for the bag that never turned up.
ofcourse i still say the stupidest thing I ever did was to forget my camera !! can u believe it !
I went to San Diego , California. the land of oranges and sunshine! and no camera !!!
dow !! :-/

Saw a lot of places and am glad i didn't miss this chance to visit a place. so , i still missed home and didnt lose a single sec comparing everything i saw with home. sure, i drove him crazy, but hey, i cudnt help it. its home. and i have crazy ties to the place.
I did tell ya didnt I? that this was gonna happen.

Hmmm , another one has landed 2 days ago. and mebe , just mebe things will be better now? a short stay apparently, so it actually may not make much of a difference.

Another Winter Day has come and Gone away
in either Paris and Rome,
And I wanna go Home
Let me Go home....
And I'm surrounded by
a million people
I still feel alone
Let me go Home ....
I miss you , u know ....

Let me go Home
I had my fun,
baby I'm done
Let me go home ....

It'll all be alright
I'll be home tonight
I'm coming back home ...

Michael Buble :')

Oooh Ooh I got a tintin book. fantastic !! its pretty cool. feel a lil guilty , i never took anything in return. but like i said, my gift was my brilliant company ;P
yeah yeah, my winning personality around for 2 days .. who can resist :P

m off, back to my tintin !
see ya

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