Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Jack Frost on Valentines day

I built a snowman. more of a snow dog, quite funny actually ! well if u really wanna classify it , i guess you'd call it a snow alien.
but it was fun ! and freezing cold !
the wind howling and moaning out my window, icicles formed on my window sill, snow thru my sneakers , and fingers almost frozen off !

and through it all, assignments that are one crazier than the previous...

man , i can tell when its winter, i just start to hibernate. i wish we were like bears ... and we CUD hibernate , when it hits below zero. i cant believe that the average temp nowadays , is -4 !! and i used to crib it was cold in b'lore !!
who ever thought i wud get used to it , so that now, when it hits 0 C i complain that its too hot !

now thats ironic.

on another note, its valentines day, and as usual life is infinitely funny. hey i respect all the lovers out there, just that if ur gonna shove it in my face, i'm gonna start poking holes in ur happiness !
now what is really ridiculous is this long stemmed rose , sitting in our kitchen in a mixi jug in a bowl of water. it has such a long stem , it looks ridiculous, and me, being the only sensible person to point it out. and "I'm not romantic"!!! well decidedly i am not.
but my feelings are still hurt !

and then u have the incessant wishing. happy v day. wats with everyone?
wats there to be so happy bout it? no really , what changes? guys go a lil broke. or forget and get majorly bashed up for forgetting... i feel sorry for the guys actually. i mean , its just an entire excerise to make guys feel worse !

i know what i did last yr this day, and thank god i'm not doing THAT anymore !!!
yeah , right as if i'm telling you !!

keep guessing :P

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